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This Year’s Presenters

We are excited to welcome Gerald Ross, Petey Mack, Dannielle Ate the Sandwich, and More to Come 

Dannielle Ate the Sandwhich

With appearances at ukulele festivals and events around the world, Danielle has been able to share her creative and collaborative teaching style. Incorporating the same performance chops she uses to interact and engage with her audiences during shows, Danielle leads with humor and honesty to help students feel at ease, and leave with a fresh take on a new skill.

Gerald Ross

Gerald Ross is comfortable with just about every type of “roots” music there is, from western swing, bluegrass, Hawaiian, blues, jug band music, jazz standards, Tin Pan Alley, New Orleans rhythms to boogie-woogie. He’s performed in concert with Bonnie Raitt, Arlo Guthrie, Doc Watson, Johnny Gimble, Riders In The Sky, Brownie McGhee and many others. He appears in the award winning film documentaries “The Mighty Uke” and the PBS syndicated “Wheatland – The First 40 Years.” Today Gerald is one of America’s best-known performers, entertainers and advocates for the ukulele. He’s released seven solo CDs, published instructional materials, and is very much in demand as a music festival instructor in the United States and abroad

Petey Mack

Pete has been live streaming on Facebook for years, attracting fans from all over the world.  He has created a massive number of songs in his free downloadable song book, which he uses in his streaming so everyone can join in.
Pete has been leading strum sessions all over the world at ukulele festivals and has a tremendous number of friends because of his social media and traveling and has also been leading strum sessions at his local Memphis Ukulele Flash Mob get togethers for quite a few years.
Pete’s approach to the ukulele follows his K.I.S.S. theory: keep it simple, and strum, meaning make every thing as simple as you can, and most importantly enjoy yourself. He tells all of his students that he only has one rule:
Yah gotta have FUN!

Webb-Tigert ukulele duo

Lisa Webb and Bob Tigert are seasoned Nashville pros, both for LIVE gigs and in recording studios, who are playing Americana, country, rock and roll, R&B, jazz, blues and more…, using an assortment of ukuleles (huh?!?!?) in amazing and engaging ways.

They write much of their material (and they write REALLY well!); and their performances as they travel across the United States have been glowingly described in national media as “awesome,” “compelling,” and “a force to be reckoned with;” and they have been written up as “genuinely nice people.”

Their first album together (who can count how many records they have appeared on, individually?), The Webb-Tigert Ukulele Duo, was released in March, 2023, at an international ukulele festival, and audiences and artists from around the globe started playing, singing and recording their songs immediately.

Unique, groove-based, intricate, polished, beautiful, funky – it all applies. Webb-Tigert just might be your new favorite group.


We are working on some other amazing artist and instructors.   check back here often to see the expanding line up

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